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Care Packages

£50 (child)

£100 (adult)

30 minute to 1 hour initial assessment

This appointment will involve a detailed and tailored multi-system assessment.  Often a treadmill gait analysis with 2D digitisation technology is needed and is included in this fee where necessary.  Musculoskeletal, vascular and neurological assessment are also included in this assessment where necessary. Where immediate treatments can be offered these can sometimes be bolted on to avoid a second appointment.



30 minute follow up appointments

If you have a condition that requires a follow up appointment for monitoring or evaluation of treatment - you may need more than one follow up appointment to be booked on an ad hoc basis.  Orthosis modifications, rehab tuning, manual therapy and advice are examples of what we may use this type of appointment for 

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£300 Combined 6 session package

Rehab plans

Rehabilitation is a process that requires monitoring and dose adjustment to ensure a gradual return to physical health and overall wellbeing.  This six session package can be distributed across the timeframe best for you .



Simple foot orthoses

The simplest type of foot orthosis - flat or generically moulded to the contours of the foot with accommodation of bony prominences or reduction of plantar shear 



Semi-bespoke foot orthoses

Orthoses that are customised to your feet with the necessary functional prescription for each foot.  Heat moulding and chairside modifications mean you take these away with you on the day.


Fully bespoke foot orthoses

Where the foot requires fully bespoke, highly supportive orthotic devices a 3D scan is taken and the prescribed device returned subsequently from a laboratory in Ireland. 3D scanning technology captures the complex curves of your feet for maximum comfort and performance. This is the gold standard of foot orthoses when nothing less will do.  



Children's lower limb development screening

Annual screening for growth and development problems unless required more or less frequently



Running Gait Analysis and Performance Planning

Emma is an active researcher and has published in the field of the foot and ankle in running.  4D Podiatry offers advanced gait analysis with footwear appraisal, and performance planning including gait rehabilitation and strength and conditioning protocols.  If you have a running related injury or want to focus on your PB this is for you.

Elementary age girl's foot joint being manipulated by an osteopath - an alternative medicine treatme


Vascular Lower Limb 'MOT'

The foot and lower limb has a complex blood supply and is frequently the cause of pain in the foot and leg.  4D Podiatry has sophisticated doppler equipment with waveform analysis and blood flow volume and speed measurements for the highest standard of podiatric clinical vascular assessment.  Vascular rehab and referrals are also part of this service.

Elementary age girl's foot joint being manipulated by an osteopath - an alternative medicine treatme


Shockwave therapy

Emma also works at the University of Plymouth and has access to a shockwave unit (extracorporeal shockwave therapy) for the treatment of many conditions including plantar fasciitis (heel pain).  If you wish to access shockwave therapy this can be arranged and is FREE but on the condition that you are willing to be a teaching model and offer your assessment and treatment data to Emma for use in teaching in the future.  You must be assessed first at 4D Podiatry before the decision to use shockwave (£100)

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